Day 1 - Dress for both an indoor as well as an outdoor environment.

Day 2 - Plan to be outdoors for the whole day with comfortable and waterproof footwear that is suitable for walking cross-country. Hiking footwear with tall ankle support is preferred and will help ensure that you don't injure your ankles while walking on uneven, muddy or soft ground. Rain-pants and a rain-jacket or poncho are a must.

There will be a lot of stop/go activity throughout the day, so to make sure you don't overheat or get cold, please dress in layers that you can shed or add as the day progresses and as the temperature changes.

Long-sleeved shirts and long pant-legs are preferred in the field in order to avoid sunburn as well as scrapes and scratches from walking through long grass or brush.

Bring any additional clothing that you think may be required for the day as well as a backpack to carry all of your extra items.

Day 1 please bring

Your own lunch

Day 2 please bring

Proper footwear and clothing

Sunscreen and insect repellant

Sunglasses, hat and work gloves

Water bottle or thermosĀ 

Pocket knife or multitool


You don't need to bring

Personal survival equipment

Personal GPS or compass

Paper or writing materials

Day 2 you do not need to bring your own lunch

Please don't bring

Anything you may regret losing in the woods